Ficus Nerifolia Semi Cascade

February 2013 Growin' like mad

February 2013 Growin’ like mad


April 10th 2013wire removed  and before light trim

April 10th 2013
wire removed and before light trim


After trim and a few tweeks. Both lower branches pulled down.

After trim and a few tweeks. Both lower branches pulled down.

October 2012

Ficus Nerifolia Large

I got this beautiful Ficus Nerifolia off this really good bloke up on the Sunshine Coast earlier this year ,

and have been staring at it daily and wondering just which direction to take with it. There were a couple of decent scars which were healing quite well and a very decent sacrifice branch growing right near the base to aid in the fattening process. Anyway, a few of weeks ago this tree had dropped most of it’s leaves, being semi deciduous, and new movement told me sap was flowing, so I go my thoughts together and came up with this….

The tree is around 12 inches tall with a 6 inch base, and 22inches wide. I’ve cut most of the growing tips to encourage back budding which is already working with an abundance of buds popping back closer to the trunk. Cant wait for this one to fully leaf up again. I’ve also done an approach graft on the first branch on the left….. (the original sacrifice branch) it lacked any foliage near the trunk and there was this small stray branch nearby, so I thought I’d cut a groove and strap it in.


before styling


After styling


Approach Graft of a handy branch to an area on the cascade branch void of shoots.


A virtual done by my mate Rod of the finished silouhette


Update pic….12/12/12



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