Ficus Nerifolia – Willow Leaf Fig Shohin


Ficus Nerifolia

Willow Leaf Fig Shohin





First bonsai pot 30/8/12


Update pic 18th Oct 2012


Update pic Nov 2nd 2012

F. Nerifolia shohin-2-11-12

defoliated and selective pruning Nov 5th 2012

F.Nerifolia defoliated 5:11:12


This little one is powering at the moment. Currently trying to keep the top pinched in order to get some length and bulk into the lower primary branches. There’s a second shorter trunk hiding on the left. It measures 7 inches tall. Round Japanese pot 6 inches in diameter. The fact that the trunk looks like 2 fat legs does bother me to a degree, but not sure what I can do about that, other than to base cut it about half way up where it dips in…..

Pasted Graphic

Here’s what I had in mind……


I measured at the cut point and it’s 3.5ins wide giving a tree 5.5ins tall…. A pretty substantial little item, and possibly better proportion?


January 3rd 2013

Decided against the base cut option, after a consult with my good mate Peter Woosley up on the Sunshine Coast. Instead we both decided to cover the flawed area in more roots hopefully with the aid of spaghnum moss and some plastic mesh packed around the troublesome spot on the trunk. The pot now sits upon a gravel and water filled suiban to create a humidity tray which should stimulate the growth of aerial roots.

Jan 10th 2013

nerifolia shohin-3:1:13

September 5th 2013
I removed the medium and cage from around the base which I had hoped to promote more surface roots, but after nearly 9 mths I was surprised to find very little in the way of new roots. So a repot was in order anyway, and I decided it should have a new slightly larger pot as well.
Here it is defoliated today…
September 19th 2013


Time for a light trim December 6th 2013

1before thinning 6-12-13

This will allow a lot more light into the tree and hopefully stimulate a little back budding.



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