Aug 2012 Trident #23

Almost at the end of this winter dig…. If its taught me anything, it would be to take a bigger interest in shohin.
That turntable its sitting on is the 400mm size Good amount of feeder roots very close to the trunk, thank goodness, as this base will just fit my grow boxes.
I have a real issue with bonsai that have bad nebari, and still have a couple of less than good ones in my collection, so when I planted these in the ground 15 years ago, I did a fair bit of root work on these for the first few years to get them growing properly to start with. It’s a really slow process but I think it will make better bonsai in the long run. I’m very happy with the nebari on this one…. lovely root flare and very even radial roots. Just need to develop the smaller secondary roots and so on. It’s 3rd trunk chop was last year, and all of the previous chop scars have completely healed over, so it’s super smooth. Normally I pre select one dominant shoot from the chop and remove all the others so I get maximum energy into it to help get the taper under way. I also used to do all my trunk chops on an angle, but for a change did this one straight across, and left ALL the shoots to grow. This has left me with a good healthy engine room, nice stack of branches to get things rolling. I will probably lower the first right hand branch to horizontal, and build the upper part of the tree as a broad dome topped maple.

6 thoughts on “Aug 2012 Trident #23

  1. Yes I think it would be Al…. I have to be honest, apart from the annual root work, some pruning here and there, the trees really didn’t get a great deal of fuss over them. They rarely if ever got any dedicated feeding or pest control program, and the grow beds were not prepared in any special way…. ground was turned over a bit and the trees put in. I really had no idea about any ground growing techniques for that matter. However, today is a lot different. I prepare the beds much better by forking in all the fallen maple leaf litter from the trees that are far too big for bonsai now, and also add horse manure from my stables, pelleted chicken manure, lots of gypsum, and blood n bone, and anything else that’s laying around at the time. Let the beds sit for a month or two with light forking to aerate, and a load of water once a week if it hasn’t rained. With proper care and maintenance in these beds, I should be able to cut it down to 8-10yrs, and probably 5 or 6yrs for the small chunky shohin trunks.

  2. Hi Shane, I was reading through your blog and I saw your post about that awesome huge trident maple that you have going. I got really excited when I saw it, because while I’ve been doing bonsai for about 4 or 5 years, due to trying to figure out everything on my own i have killed lots of trees (my dog had a big part in that too). Well I’ve finally started doing things right this year, but I’m still not clear on some details on how things work and how some things are done. I just got myself a nice trident. It’s about 8 feet tall currently and about an inch and a half at the base. I see that the two previous trunk chops that you did on this trident are completely unnoticeable. How did you achieve that? Should I chop the trunk this year or wait for a few years of ground growth? How tall should i do the innitial chop? I’d really like to comunicate with you and pick your brain, as I can clearly see that you know what you’re doing and I don’t lol! I appreciate the posts you have shared! Please keep it up!

    • Hi Jake… Can you tell me where you are located please, as this has a huge relevance as to when to do certain work on trident maples. Also be good if you shoot me an email with some pics of the tree so I can see what you are working with.

      • I live in western nc. In the mountains. My zone is somewhere in the 7s its hard to say specifically because the zones change so quickly because of the elevation differences and climate changes therein. I would love to email you some pics of my trident, id like to send you some pics of my other trees eventually, as well to get your input on those. My email is if you will send me an email ill have your address and ill send u a pic of my maple.

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