August 2012 Trident #20

This is the latest Trident in this years winter dig, known affectionately as TR-20. I’m fast running out of room in my new hot house for these babies. In 3 or 4 weeks a lot of what’s in there will make it out onto the benches and free up plenty of space for new hatchlings.
Well TR-20 was the second (large) one to be dug this season. It was probably 18 feet tall, and I must admit I did feel bad about loosing 16 feet of it to the burning pile. No gain without sacrifice I guess. I had thought of leaving this one, as I thought it was just too big for me to handle, but with my new digging technique, it was out in around 15 minutes with quite a few nice fine feeder roots to boot. I haven’t put the tape on it yet, but the Mortein can gives you a fair idea of the base on this puppy. Will wait to see where it throws shoots and will probably shorten this stump by around 6 inches before starting it’s proper taper program. This one may end up back in the ground in a special besser block grow bed of its own for this stage to maximise growth potential. 
Update pic coming soon…. the tree has thrown many shoots from the chop area, but fortunately it has put out one in exactly the right position so I can chop back to that and commence the taper phase.

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