Juniper tray planting

October 2012
Here is a tray planting I’ve been putting off for many years, and finally the planets aligned and I got into it 2 days ago.
I’ve had this piece of Mallee root for a very long time…. purchased it off Dot Koreshoff probably 20+ yrs ago, maybe more. I had initially intended to plant a few little figs on it, but never followed through with it. Then thought maybe a couple of small Shimpaku or similar…. Then thought of a single tree……Finding the right stock plant was the biggest problem, but eventually found this one from Chris @ Red Dragon a couple of months ago. Beautiful stock!
The tree is not planted on the root or in any crevices, but positioned right up against it and attached at the back with small brads and the roots growing down into the soil mix as usual. Since moving up here, I’ve not had much success keeping rock plantings (where roots are completely encased in muck only….and not down into a good amount of soil in the pot) due to our pretty hot summers and hot drying winds. They just dried out far too quick and I could never keep up with the watering (up to 6 times a day) and lost every one I attempted, so I’ve gone for this method which should work out fine. Maybe it could be classified as Tanuki or a Phoenix Graft if we’re to get super technical, but I’m happy with the term Tray planting.Mallee Root….this piece of wood is literally hard as a rock. It’s been out in the weather the entire time I’ve had it without a drop of preservative applied, and it has not decayed a bit.

Mallee root 11” x 11”


Before styling


Front view


Rear view



January 2013

January 2013

November 4th 2013

November 4th 2013


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