Swamp Cypress restyle

This swampy was the smallest tree in a large 3 tree group I had 5 or 6 years ago. The 2 bigger trees are now 6mt high in the ground now….. In hindsight I wish I hadn’t pulled this setting apart, but who knows why we do certain things. Anyway, this tree is an extremely vigorous grower, and is constantly putting out new foliage, and no matter how much pinching or pruning I do, I loose all the finer branching and just end up with long primary branches with zero taper and very little if any secondary branching.
With what I’ve learnt over the past 12 months or so from the expertise of other fellow bonsai artists, I hope to rebuild this tree to a much higher level. First pic is the tree last summer. Last pic from today….. clean trunk, restyle, repot, new pot, now we wait!

January 2012


Restyled and repotted 18-7-12


Update pic coming soon!

January 20th 2013

January 20th 2013 leafed out.

January 20th 2013 leafed out.

January 10th 2014

Time for a change of pot for this one. I have always felt it needed to be in a rectangular pot but haven’t managed to find one that would suit, until now. Straight forward root prune…. it was repotted same time last year, into the round red clay pot so there wasn’t a ton of root to be removed. The new pot will give the tree some more leg room to bulk up a bit more.

After potting but still yet to get a light prune.

After potting but still yet to get a light prune.

Forgot to get a pic after the light prune, so here is a quick virt to give an idea of how it finished up. I’ll replace this with a proper pic when I get a chance.

light prune virt.

light prune virt.


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