Ficus Surperba var. henneana

Here is a new fig which my beloved family purchased for me for Christmas. It is a Ficus Superba, somewhere between 25 and 30 years old, and a completely new variety of ficus for me. In my part of the world it is semi deciduous as well. The new foliage comes through this deep coppery brown with a super shiny leaf. Styling was going to start with a serious chop of all trunks, but after defoliation decided to work with them and create a ‘Banyan” style tree.



Styled 25/12/12


New foliage….spectacular colour.

new foliage

In full leaf 20/1/13

The turnbuckle will be removed now I see the tree photographed. I think it is now way too low.

Ficus_Surperba-20:1:13  The pot is only a temporary one , as to really show it in the Banyan style, it should be in a shallow wide tray, which will hopefully encourage a mass of aerial roots, such as the beautiful example below ……

11Fubanyanphoto courtesy

After studying the last photo, I decided to remove the turnbuckle from the branch on the RHS as it looked out of balance.

Turnbuckle removed

Turnbuckle removed

UPDATE December 8th 2013
This ficus is growing like crazy and I finally found a better pot for my future vision for this tree. I feel it would really suit the Banyan Style, and a low, wide rectangular pot was needed.
As you can see the roots are climbing out of the existing pot, so with the temps really hotting up here, it is great timing for a repot.
Ficus Superba close up

Positioned lower in this new pot.

Positioned lower in this new pot.


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