Restyle of an old fig

January 2nd 2013

I’ve had this little tree for over 20 years. Urban Yamadori, growing out of a sandstone wall down near Sydney harbour. There was about 4-5ft of growth on it so only God knows it’s true age. I ran a hand saw down the wall to remove it and it was without a single root, but having base cut figs before, I new it would sprout a whole new root system anyway. Over the next 20 odd years I managed to regrow all new branching and was relatively happy with the tree, except for a few nagging imperfections……
fast forward to 2013
This year, the more I looked at the tree, the more I new I had to fix what was bugging me all these years.
I finally got up the courage to do what I’ve thought necessary for this tree for a long time…. serious restyle
It had put on a nice amount of growth since Aug 2010, but as usual (due to incorrect growing techniques) totally my own doing ….. all the new growth was on the ends of the branches and very little back budding. All this has created over the 20+ years of training since collected, is numerous cases of reverse taper along the trunk and some primary branches. I have looked at this tree over and over trying to evaluate the best places to prune back to in order to save the lowest 2 primary branches, but they to were flawed in that the lowest left branch was way to thick for the ‘optimum’ reduced height, and the second primary on the right had bad taper issues. So after a deep breath, it all had to go.
I know I have a long road ahead now, but the tree will finally have proper taper and branch placement from the get go….. It’s very healthy and should bud back with mucho gusto…… well hopefully.


December 2012

December 2012

January 2nd 2013

January 2nd 2013

Serious chops I know, but the tree had numerous flaws along the trunk line such as reverse taper, and upper branches with too much thickness. Some sections of trunk also were too straight and lacked branching and there was no ideal place to prune back to, except here. I debated for a few minutes about leaving the first left primary branch, but decided it too must go, leaving a nice chunky base for me to build on.


We have liftoff!!!!!

New shoots a plenty… The beginnings of our new design.

Healthy new shoots

Healthy new shoots


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