New Companion stands


Here are a few companion stands I made while bunkering down in this wet weather.

They measure 4ins x 2ins x 3/4ins. No joins, just solid timber. Honing my router skills to get prepared for the larger Bonsai stands I hope to commence this year. Stand 1 Stand 2 Stands_Mame'


4 thoughts on “New Companion stands

    • Al…. these are the first ones I’ve done. It took me a while to work out the best way to do these, and there were a few failed attempts I can assure you. Initially I was using the wrong tools and this proved more dangerous than the method I finished up using, which I feel is quite safe, once everything is set up correctly. So in answer to your question…. yes, 2 of them are progressive plunge cuts with a Makita BR3600. I usually kept this router in my router table, as it is an extremely powerful machine, and to be very honest, have always been scared of using it by hand. I’ve since come to the realisation that using the wrong tool for the job, is something to be more scare of. The open bottom stands are a loop with the piece cut out. Only one of these was done that way, while the other one…. the original success piece….. was done via dubious methods which I’m reluctant to publish on the www. 🙂
      btw Al, I’m learning heaps from your posts….. I am embarking on my own stands now that our summer has come to an end, and will have more time to devote to improving my wood working skills. I plan to have those tricky double mitres down, even if it kills me. They have eluded me so far, but discovering my drop saw blade was slightly out of whack, has restored faith in myself, as I thought I was completely useless, after spending an entire frustrating day aligning and realigning the saw. A phonecall to a close retired builder mate of mine confirmed my theory that it may be the blade at fault…. next day I managed to track down a new blade and with a bit of tweaking managed to get almost perfectly square cuts. A bit more tinkering and I’ll get it 100%….I hope. I have the identical Delta thicknesser as yours, and thought the dual purpose mounting with your Spindle Sander was genius!

  1. I have no idea on what tools are available down under but one of the most valuable tools I have is an electronic speed controller. I use it on the router to slow it down. I find that the router spins much faster than is needed to allow the tool to work better. A also can minimize tool burns on the wood. My chop saw is really slow. When you pull the trigger it sounds like it is only cutting at half speed. It cuts so well at the reduced speed and is amazing. I run my table saw at full speed. I run a hollow ground planer blade in it and rips look like they have been run thru a jointer. Perfect for glueing. Can’t wait to see what you build up this winter.

    Hope the fires are out for you guys. I saw a big one on the news last week. Said it burnt something like 36,000 acres or so.

    • I think you guys have always been ahead of us down here with new innovations and tools and things….. I remember going to California to live in the mid 70’s and my girlfriend’s stepdad ran a serious auto body shop in Laguna Beach. All the tools were airtools which blew my mind. When that SnapOn tools truck came in the driveway I’d just stand there and drool at all the tools on offer. It was years later before they eventually landed down here…:)
      I’m sure there would be some kind of speed controller available, just haven’t seen them before. The Hollow Ground Planer blade sounds awesome for the table saw though. I do however like running the rips through the thicknesser just to make sure things are absolutely bang on.
      Man this weather here is off the charts….bushfires down south, and flooding and rain here up the east coast. Today was our first taste of sunshine in weeks.

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