A few of my latest Stands

We’re into our 2nd month of Autumn here and it’s either stinking hot or pouring rain….. still! So I have been in the shed working on some new stands, and preparing timber for more to come.

The first one is another Cascade Stand made from Western Australian Jarrah….an extremely hard and heavy timber normally used for hardwood flooring. Deep red/brown colour enhanced here with a diluted mahogany stain. 5.75” x 5.75” x 19”H.




This one is a low square design measuring 10” x 10”x 1.5”H. I’ve seen this design done by a number of makers, and always loved the simple but beautiful design of the sides. It is also my first attempt at using my new scroll saw. Made of a light cedar with a Brown Japan stain finished with Bison wax.

Carved Square_56


Carved Square_55


Carved Square detail_58

Next up is another low square stand made predominately from scrap Kwila I had laying around. It has a mahogany insert in the top to change things up a little….. again finished with Brown Japan stain and Bison wax.

10” x 10” x 2”H



3 thoughts on “A few of my latest Stands

    • Thank you Al….. I am trying to maintain a high standard even if it gets frustrating due to mistakes made either from lack of knowledge or experience. I’m self taught in this arena, so I guess it’s only to be expected to stuff up now and then. The scroll saw is a great tool to mix things up a bit. It wasn’t expensive at $189, and I had a birthday at the time, and wifey was scratchin’ her head for ideas, as she says I’m the man who has everything……haha! It does have limitations in that 10mm or 3/8” is about as thick as it likes to cope with using hard woods. It cut through the cedar like butter thankfully, as this was the first tryout. I think a band saw would be more useful now in hindsight, but I really wanted to test myself with this design, and hope to create a few different versions. The routing of the edges was my biggest fear, for I thought it would just rip these fragile sides to bits, but I used the table router with a bearing guide and it worked a treat. We are going away for a couple of days to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary, but when we return, I have another nice stand cut out of the Hairy Oak….that timber with the Leopard Spots. Should be a nice one.
      cheers Al

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