Cute little Chinese Elm mame’ in the making.


This started life as a little chunk of root cutting from a recent repotting I did of my oldest Chinese Elm, which is going through a massive restyling exercise. I am obsessed with root cuttings, and can’t throw out a single one, let alone something as chunky as this, with an already established nebari….better pics of that will follow in future updates. Well this is how it looked back in early September, and how it continued to look for weeks on end…. not a shoot or bud in sight. So on November 14th 2013, I thought bugger it….I will graft a new leader on and be done with waiting for nature to take its course. I have a ton of elm cuttings around so it was just a matter of finding one with a side branch a suitable length and thickness, and room in its own pot for a little hitch hiker….. Found one!!!



Blurry close up….sorry.



Off to the greenhouse for a little vacation into a nice humid environment…….

So everything is ticking along nicely for a couple of weeks, when all of a sudden, I see bright fresh new shoots emerging from the original mini stump underneath the clear grafting tape……

Needless to say, I couldn’t believe it…. anyway, I carefully snipped away the tape and released the donor branch, and spotted multiple shoots emerging right from the very groove I’d made for the new graft to lay. A few days later and this is how it looks. Much happier I can now work with all its own branches, and so far is shooting from all the right places…. Happy days ahead for this little beauty.




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