Some new stands

With winter almost on our doorstep, and most of the trees slowing down a little, theres been more time to spend on other things around here including getting to finish a few more stands I had in the works. I have come to realise the mountain of work in these and now know why the genuine article from Japan costs as much as they do….. I’m not able to justify the price for my own needs, but am fortunate to be time wealthy, and can devote the time needed to produce a reasonably refined piece, considering I’m self taught in the wood working arena and learn more by the mistakes I make. Anyway, I’m happy with the progress so far. More to come through the winter I suspect….
First up….

A chunky shorter cascade stand….5”x5”x10”H West Australian Jarrah with Mahogany stain and finished with Bison wax.
Chunky Short Cascade 2Chunky Short Cascade 1
This one was a real challenge being that the design was based around a floating top which I hadn’t done before, plus I wanted to come up with something more Japanese inspired for the side details. Made using the very highly figured Flame She Oak or Allocasuarina inophloia, for all you botanical name buffs. Also known commonly as Hairy Oak. I love this timber with a passion, but damn, is it tricky to work with….very brittle and fine pieces can snap in your hands in a heartbeat, and a few did just that, but the end result is worth it for me.
A medium sized stand at 12”x15” x 5”H
Floating top table5Floating top table 2Floating top table detailFloating top table3