Trident #07

Some sad news to report on this maple…..
About 6 weeks ago all its foliage shrivelled and died, and not a single new shoot or bud appeared.
I tried numerous things to see if it would bounce back but to no avail. I thought it may have had an issue with the roots, so I pulled it out of the pot and it had lost practically every root to Curl Grub, which devastated and killed 2 of my oldest elms last Spring. This maple had copped it bad, not only with the loss of its root system, but I also noticed a couple of areas of bark that looked sus, and so I picked at it with a scalpel and large sheets literally came of in my hands. It had also been hit with some kind of borer or weavel. I have a large Murraya hedge which gets hit with Murraya Borer…. a real mongrel of a thing. Anyway, this potentially very good maple which had over 15 years of pre work put in, is now dead. I’ve never lost a maple this way before, and I had high hopes for this one. I have plenty more to play with, but I get upset if I loose an 1/8” thick cutting, let alone something like this. 😦
TR_07_15:3:13 TR_07_weavel bug TR-07-3:13
TR_07_weavel bug
RIP #07
Trident Maple #07 lifted today. 14” tall with 7-8” base, and root spread 13”. One of 30 (4yo) maples I planted 15years ago, and over the years have grown and trunk chopped numerous times to achieve this taper. Second pic shows good feeder roots close to the trunk from plunging the spade around the roots every couple of years. There was also a few roots up to a couple of inches thick going straight down unfortunately….


Nice healthy feeder roots….. just what we need.


After an overnight soaking in a tub of seasol I managed to shoe horn it into it’s training pot. Inside diameter of the pot is 16 inches. Still deciding on this trees true front?