Cascade Shohin Juniper-1

Updated pic 12-12-12 Updated pic 12-12-12


A promising little Juniper in training less than 6 mths.

A promising little Juniper in training less than 6 mths.

More coming soon!

Friday December 13th 2013

It’s far too hot to be outside in the sun today, so I’ve put my jobs off until the afternoon cools down a little when I can do my weekly feed and Trident spray program. So this gives me a chance to update the Juniper Album with some new additions and some current pics of existing trees in this gallery.

Japanese Juniper Tray planting 4-11-13



Here is a new tree to the gallery.

It’s a Juniper Squamata Cascade style. Purchased back in  mid 2012, it was in pretty bad soil and needed a good clean out and a repot into some fresh soil mix. By April 2013 it looked like a different tree, and had responded very well to the care. It is probably around 20yrs old and has very dark bark on the older wood, and lots of nice ramification for a juni.

Juni Squamata C Waller 5-4-13 detail


Juni Squamata C Waller 5-4-13_1

Juni Squamata C Waller 5-4-13_2

After looking at this tree for months, I decided it had regained enough vigor to get some styling done. The left hand branch in the pic above would be bound in raffia  and heavily wired to be repositioned upright and form the new top of the tree. This was a pretty big move and hoped it wouldn’t crack and kill the branch or my design would seriously suffer.

I have left the “unusual” branch on the LHS for the moment. I know it breaks with tradition, but I think it adds an edge to the tree. I want to see how the whole compisition looks in a couple of years time, and then I can always remove it if it really doesn’t work.

Juniper Squamata_waller_19-8-13

I have done a virtual shortening of the branch in question in the pic below, just to get some opinions….

JuniperSquamata_waller_virt left branch shortened

UPDATE December 2013

The Juniper Cascade above had a while recovering from the heavy bending on the upper portion of the tree and quite a few smaller branches died as a result, however the main upper trunk itself survived thankfully, and new buds are finally popping all over the entire tree. New pics to come!

This is another Juniper cascade style which is from your buck standard inexpensive Juniper nursery stock, and was styled back in September 2012. Unfortunately it had been pre trained to upright on a bamboo stake…. seems common place these days in commercial nurseries, so I had to work with that, and seemed there was no hiding it I’m sorry to say. Anyway, I’m not totally unhappy with the end result and it’s filling out nicely.

First Styling

Juni 2-30:8:12

NOVEMBER 2013 with new pot…. a touch too big for the tree but the other one was just too small.

Juni Cascade_6-11-13 Juniper n Stand-23-3-13



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