Update time!


Early summer here now and plenty of work to do still this season with this being the perfect time for me to work on Ficus.

The past few months have been consumed with saving my entire Trident Maple collection from the dreaded fungal leaf curl disease which affects so many people worldwide, but now I can say with a good deal of confidence, that I finally have a handle on this monster that wants to devour my favorite  species in Bonsai. With the help of some friends and an Agronimist, I have now got beautiful fresh, undeformed foliage for the first time in many years, so I will be sharing my detailed account of this in an update to come very soon.

In the meantime, I will try to catch up on my posts which will show much development to existing trees, and I will be posting some new unseen projects I have going on.

Mame’ Shimpaku Junipers

Here are a few super small mame’ Shimpaku Junipers for a bit of fun and a challenge to keep alive through our very hot summers here in Byron Bay. Some I keep in trays of gravel or coir/peat to keep them from drying out. One month in to Summer and so far so good…. no losses to report thank goodness.

The pot measures 2''x1.75''x.75'' deep and the tree 3'' high

The pot measures 2”x1.75”x.75” deep ┬áTree 3” high x 3.5” wide from 2011 cutting.

Pot 3''x2''x1'' Tree 3.5'' tall x 4'' wide.
Pot 3”x2”x1” Tree 3.5” tall x 4” wide from 2011 cutting.

Round Pot 1.25'' x 1.25'' x .75'' deep. Tree 1''tall x 2'' wide

Round Pot 1.25” x 1.25” x .75” deep. Tree 1”tall x 2” wide from 2011 cutting.

Pot 1.25''x1''x.75 deep. Tree 2'' tall x 2'' wide from 2011 cutting.
Pot 1.25”x1”x.75 deep. Tree 2” tall x 2” wide from 2011 cutting.